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*feels loved*

Many thanks to angelchicken, swsa, and a kind anonymous soul, all of whom gave me snowflake cookies! They made me feel loved and Christmassy.
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SeaBlue website moved

Since Geocities is closing, I've moved the website for my SeaBlue fanfic, Blond and Dangerous, to a new location.

I'm thisclose to finishing to the next chapter of "The Education of Buffy Summers," so I hope to post that this fall or winter.

Look at Spock up there, approving of the smut. He's dirty like that.
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New chapter of Possession

I just posted chapter 23 of Possession. It's up at and my site, Small Bites.

Also, I just remembered that I never mentioned that a few months ago I posted a couple of new one-shot stories. My apologies, my brain gets out and goes for walks sometimes and then I forget to put it back. The stories, which can also be found at and Small Bites:

Swerve: When Willow’s “will be done” spell is broken, Buffy and Spike immediately end their engagement. To the horror of the Scoobies, that’s the only thing they end. Spoilers primarily for "Something Blue" and "This Year's Girl." PG.

Tin Lizzie: Spike and the automobile: a love story. Written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Spike's first appearance on BtVS. Begins pre-series, spoilers through "Spiral." PG.

Sleepy now; going to bed.